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Prof. Rolf Kailuweit
Romance language linguistics and media studies
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Research profile

Since completing my postdoctoral qualification for professorship (Habilitation) I have taken on a large number of projects. This was due to a large number of academic contacts, partially internationally and partially in the Freiburg environment; in Freiburg not only within the field of Romance linguistics but also in collaboration with colleagues from literature studies and other fields and subjects. The variety of projects may at first seem a bit heterogeneous and unclear. However, they do in fact relate to each other and follow a basic distribution in the fields of descriptive system linguistics and historic media- and cultural studies.

In my research projects, with regard to content, in the field of system linguistics I typically deal with the interface of syntax and semantics; with respect to cultural and media studies I examine the interface of spoken language and written language. Locations of central focus are Buenos Aires, in particular the La-Plata area, and Corsica. The time period of my focus is on the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and the present. Finally, my interests in media range from speech of illiterate persons, to the increase of media use in literature, theater and film, to the newer forms of media.