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Oral presentations and term papers

For oral presentations I try to moderate between the student presenters and their audience. An oral presentation is given for the seminar course, not for the teacher. It should be prepared with my help so that it adequately meets high didactic demands: among other things, presentations should include a handout, beneficial and effective use of media as well as efforts to facilitate feedback in the form of a discussion and practice exercises. Formulating control questions to which course participants can write responses can be helpful. The presentation group can then evaluate the answers and shortly summarize them at the beginning of the next class meeting.

For term papers, I discuss with students their individual topics, which are usually more specific than the topic of the oral presentation. If the oral presentation is viewed above all as serving to gather basic knowledge, then the term paper can be seen as a small, independent research project. After individual supervision and guidance during the compilation of the paper, it is essential to have a detailed discussion about the graded paper and final comments. Finally, writing term papers should help students learn useful work techniques that can they can later use to write their final thesis.

Further information about preparing oral presentations and term papers can be found here (pdf).

Please attach your term papers to this form (pdf).